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How to start trading?
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Step 1: Install Cripz Wallet

Connection to the trading platform is done via Cripz Wallet, by the link https://cripz.com/wallet you can create a new wallet or connect an existing one using a secret phrase.

Step 2: Connect to the Cripz trading platform

Go to the trading platform: https://app.cripz.com. In the upper right corner, click "Connect Wallet" to log in.

Step 3: Choose a deal

Select a suitable offer on the platform’s main page, using the auxiliary filters. Click on the ad and specify the volume you are interested in and the convenient payment method. Read the terms and if everything suits you, click on the button to open the deal.

Step 4: Making a deal

A chat window opens between the parties to the transaction. With the help of system cues in the chat, each party fulfills the terms of the transaction in turn. First, the seller of the cryptocurrency deposits in the Escrow vault, where the cryptocurrency will remain until the end of the transaction, when the asset enters the vault account, each party will receive the appropriate notification in the chat. The buyer then transfers the fiat funds to the specified details of the seller and signs the transaction. After the fiat funds are received by the seller, he will also sign the transaction from his side. When the transaction is signed by both parties, the cryptocurrency in Escrow is automatically unblocked and transferred to the buyer's wallet. Transaction completed.

Step 5: Reviews

Upon completion of the transaction, you will be asked to leave feedback on your counterparty. Rating is an important argument when choosing a partner for large transactions, so try to fulfill your obligations as quickly as possible, the speed of transactions is considered a courtesy to your partner, do not make anyone unnecessarily wait, so that your rating is extremely high.

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