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How Safe It Is Trading on Cripz?
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How Safe It Is to Trade on Cripz?

The basis of the Cripz platform is the idea for the maintenance of the overall security for users during crypto exchange operations. To implement this idea, a comprehensive functionality has been developed to ensure 100% security at every stage of working with the platform.


User Data Security

The platform does not store the personal data of users, and no registration, user contact information, or verification is required to use its functionality. Everything is arranged in such a way that when making transactions, users remain completely anonymous both for each other and for the platform itself.


Security of a User’s Assets

When they want to make an exchange, users do not need to transfer their funds to the balance of the platform, thereby entrusting it with their storage. The platform does not come into contact with users' money, and all transactions take place directly between the accounts of the participants in the transaction.


Blockchain Security

At the stage of the transition of the cryptocurrency from the seller to the buyer, the cryptocurrency is located in the blockchain in special Escrow storage, which acts as a temporary guarantor for holding the cryptocurrency, until the terms of the transaction are met and confirmed by both participants in the exchange.


Transaction Security

The platform acts as an insurer in the transaction process. If one of the participants during the transaction does not fulfill its conditions, the platform operator will help to complete the transaction according to the established agreements of the participants or cancel it. This guarantees users the safety of their funds, regardless of the actions of their counterparties.


Security When Choosing a Partner

Users of the platform have their own personal rate based on their history of interactions with other participants on the platform. This allows them to choose a reliable and trusted partner to conduct a transaction and quickly and comfortably exchange monetary assets.

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