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How Protected Is My Confidentiality?
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The Need for Confidentiality in People

One of the main incentives for the development of the crypto industry was the need for people to hide their confidential information when exchanging money. All over the world, fiat money is always under the close control of the authorities, which legally regulate all financial institutions, requiring them to have full control and understanding of which particular person is behind this or that account.


Problems of Centralized Financial Institutions

Today, you cannot send someone a million to a bank account, while remaining invisible to financial monitoring and law enforcement agencies. In most cases, you will have to report the origin of the funds and pay existing tax duties. And of course, in the modern, free world, most people are no longer satisfied with this state of affairs.


Blockchain Is the First Step Towards Anonymity

With the advent of blockchain technology, organizations with decentralized management began to emerge, digital currencies appeared and the need to use classical financial organizations to manage their money savings disappeared.


No Need for Collecting Sensitive Data

The Cripz platform is a modern solution for buying and selling digital assets, which is based on the principles of complete confidentiality. The platform releases its users from providing any confidential information, whether it be personal data, email, phone number, country of residence, etc. Also, users do not need to go through the procedures for verifying their identity that is common for many centralized organizations.


How Privacy Is Ensured on Cripz

Since the platform does not collect or store information about its users, their data cannot be hacked, stolen, or transferred to third parties. On Cripz, you are completely anonymous and free from all existing laws and restrictions. There only your rating is important, as it shows your decency in making direct transactions with other users of the platform. All responsibility for confidentiality now lies with the users themselves and is completely under their control.

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